Apple of our eye, driven by passion for music and the web, right from our early ages as web-developers, is our beloved webchild. Started as a hobby project – meaning the founders of Nomo literally sitting together and trying to transcribe favorite songs by ear in their early twenties -, and yet it soon grew to be the most popular guitar tab site of a nation, giving home to a huge community of hobby guitar players who keep contributing hundreds and hundreds of fresh guitar tabs every week. And the beauty in all of this is that all this great energy from our community comes from the very same place we started back in 2006: Love and passion for music.

Buffed with features like automatic chord recognition, and Youtube video linking, Guitartab quickly found it’s way to it’s audience: people enjoying to strike a chord now and then. The community is ever-growing, both on the website, and on our Facebook page, which makes us more and more happy that we decided to start building it a long time ago.